The Wreck of the Skyline Steamer

The intentional demolition of a tressel outside of Nero, CO by the Clarkson Gang led to the wreck of the Skyline Steamer, a passenger line running from Denver to Salt Lake City and owned by Denver-Pacific.

Also on the train was the gambler Greg Dawson, Jacob Emmet the mormon missionary, Denise Merritt the freelance journalist, Abiel and Aloysius Squatpump - trapper brothers, and the Wilson family of Rick, Jenny and their boys Amos and Jethro. Allan Seyberth perished shortly after the crash.

Of the crew – John Crocker, the conductor, Pete Franklin the engineer, Jane hunt-the fireman, MA Maggert and King White -night time operators. Only the cook Harold Buchanon survived.

The only member of the Clarkson gang to survive was Bernard Pugshank

The Wreck of the Skyline Steamer

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