List of Incidents

El Parasito

The Thing in Kansas City

The Murfreesboro Incident

The Curse of Millhaven

The Mystery at the IronWorks

The Night at LaFitte’s

The El Paso Chupacabra Infestation

The Memphis Ghost Circus

The Cadwaller Possession

The Strange Malady of Professor Kingston

The Other Dodge City

The True Mystery Spot of the Dakota Badlands

The Texarcana Spiritual Transition

The Cave of Shuma Gorath

The Ever-Burning Church of Sierra County, NM

The Sarasota Vampire Nest

The Wolf-Man of Baja (a misnomer, actually: “the man was a run of the mill serial killer; the wolves were nearby for as it turns out, unrelated reasons”)

The Winchester Mystery Summer Home in Colorado

The Hideous Jumping Frog-Man of Calabasas County

The Gentleman Wendigo of Big Sky, Montana

The Venomous Hot Springs of Tonopah

Johnson City Conflagration

The Tragedy at the Castle Rock Orphanage

The Wreck of the Skyline Steamer

List of Incidents

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