Unique Firearms Cheat Sheet


all automatics fire a burst of 3 – a ROF 3 means 3 shots an action.  a success on a shootin':automatics roll means the first shot hits, each raise afterwords means another bullet hits the target.  You can choose targets within 2 yards of the last bullet.

all bullets must be assigned before shot success is determined.

Drawing a bead or calling a shot is valid for first burst in an action – (some automatics can fire more than 1 burst per action) – though there is a cumulative -2 recoil penalty on all bursts past the 1st in an action. 

Most Gatling guns have a reliability of 19 – make a reliability check each action- 20 jams and requires a shootin:automatics/smarts tn9 or a tinkerin' tn-5 to clear.

reload: It takes two actions to reload a Gatling gun’s feed box. They cannot be speed-loaded. Gatling pistols take one action per chamber to reload. They can be speed-loaded normally.

Speed Change Barrel – ($150)

Many models of spring-powered, rotating barrel pistols are on the markel Lhese days, but Smith & Robards' is the best. Smith & Robards' pistols are more reliable and our latest model can be quickly reloaded using our new Speedy­Change Barrel. 

Use the Gatling pistol rules in the Deadlands main book. The Speedy-Change barrel system allows the user to snap off the empty barrels with a flick of a lever and quickly replace them with loaded ones. This normally takes 3 actions, one to remove the empty barrel assembly, one to snap on loaded barrels, and one to wind the mechanism. A successful speed load: Gatling pistol reduces this to two actions-attaching the barrel and winding the mechanism are a single action.

Minor Malfunction: The Speedy-Change barrel unlatches and falls off. It takes one action to reattach.
Major Malfunction: The weapon Jams. A Fair (5) tinkerin' roll fixes the problem.
Catastrophe: Hope you've got a backup. The pistol unleashes all of its remaining shots in a spasm of destruction (treat as one long burst) and then falls apart. 



shotguns start with a +2 to your 'shootin':shotguns' roll. shotgun damage disapates on range   

range dmg
touching 6d6
1-10 5d6
11-20 4d6
21-30 3d6
31+ 2d6
slugs 6d6 (-2 shootin')


if a character is hit in the area where dynamite should be, roll a d6. 1=boom.

Burst radius – damage dice is reduced 1 step by distance increment from burst radius.

dynamite is 3d20 with burst area




if a body part is protected by cover- an even die roll deflects all damage – odd treats cover under armor rules

prone targets beyond 5 yards from attacker ignore any attacks that go to lower guts, gizzard or legs


light armor reduces damage total by number indicated (-2)

heavy armor reduces damage by dice steps(d8 to d6, d6 to d4)

Armor example
light boiled leather
1 wood under 1" thick
2 1-3" wood , tin
3 4-6" wood, thin metal
4 small tree, bricks, iron plate
5 large tree, armored train walls
6 inch-thick steel


damage steps

d4 small knives, light clubs
d6 arrows, pistols, large knives, heavy clubs
d8 rifles, sabres
d10 buffalo rifles, flamethrowers
d12 small artillery
d20 dynamite, cannon balls



most thrown items have range increment of 5- failed rolls deviate based ona clockface of a d12roll


characters blocking targets will take the shot if the location roll lands where they are covering on the target.

missed automatic, shotgun and hammer fans can hit bystanders within 2 yards on roll of 1 on a d6

Unique Firearms Cheat Sheet

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