Combat Cheat Sheet

if you don't quite understand the Basics cheat sheet then look over there first…

When  Combat starts


  • if character is surprised roll cognition (tn 5) if expecting something or (tn 11) if they are not.
  • If the roll fails no cards until passing a fair(tn5) guts check in following rounds.
  • those who passed surprise check can make leadership rolls to keep others unsurprised

Action Deck

  • roll quickness(tn5). draw a card from action deck,plus additional for a success and 1 for each raise.
  • goin' bust means no cards
  • red jokers can be used at any time (but cannot be sleeved); you also draw a random chip from fate pot,
  • black jokers cause you to lose any cards up your sleeve and the deck is reshuffled next round.  -Marshall draws from fate pot
  • Action counts down from ace to deuce and you take your actions when your cards are called .
  • Suit initiative  - Spade -> Heart -> diamond -> club

Cards up the sleeve.

When a card comes up in a round, you can choose to keep it up your sleeve to use at any future time in this combat or for interruptions -  until the black joker is drawn

Interrupt - with a card up your sleeve you can interrupt another characters action with an opposed quickness(tn5) test.

  • success means simultaneous actions 
  • success+raise you move first


  • each square is 2 yards(or 2 pace)
  • walking has a -2 to shooting
  • moving at double your pace is running and you have a -4 penalty on other actions.


you can fire your  weapon's ROF each action.

shootin' is (tn5) + range divided by weapons range modifier.

roll your shootin' and hit location(d20) and reliability (if using mad science [d20]) 

Other shootin' related actions:

  • draw a bead: each action spent drawin' a bead ads +2 to your shootin' roll up to a +6.

    •  vamoosin', gettin' distracted, or stunned loses the bonus.
  • call a shot
size Penalty
guts -2
legs, arms -4
head, hands, feet -6
eyeball, heart -10
  • draw a weapon
  • quickdraw: roll tn5  get to pull a weapon and fire in the same round.

    • (-2 modifier for pullin' 2 guns )
    • (+2 for a quickdraw holster)
  •  reload: one bullet per action.  automatics usually require 2. speed load clips require 2 actions.

    • speed load:  fail still yields 1 bullet
TN result
fail load 1 bullet,
speed load in normal time
tn5 speed load clip in 1 action
tn9 2 bullets in chamber
tn11 3 bullets in chamber
bust nuthin'
  • fan the hammer: using a single action pistol with a free hand, fire up to 6 shots in an action.

    • -2 on shootin' roll, each raise means another bullet has hit a target.  
    • Can choose to hit adjacent targets (2 yards away)
  • dual pistols: suffer a -2 for main hand, and -6 for off-hand (unless you've got 2 gun kid merit)


fightin' has to beat a (5) roll to land an attack.  +2 to location.  called shots work the same,
2 handed attacks in same round work the same

  • weapons with a defensive bonus  have that number added to opponents attack target number
  • bolas whips and lariats ensare target if they beat opponents dodge roll

Hit locations 

1-4 legs – (odd – left:  even-right)
5-9 guts
10 gizzards (+1 damage dice)
11-14 arms (odd-left: even-right)
15-19 guts
20 noggin (+2 damage dice)
  • +2 when fightin'
  • +2 advantage with waist high advantage
  • +4 head high
  • raises allow you to adjust hit location up and down by 1 point

Test o' Wills – scare an opponent into submission without pullin' a trigger

bluff vrs scrutinize | overawe v guts | ridicule v ridicule

success unnerved target has -4 on next action
1 raise distracted target loses cheat card or next highest card
2 raise broken unnerved + distracted and character gets to draw from fate pot.


burn your highest action card (or sleeve card) to avoid an attack before damage is rolled 

  • dodge opposed by shootin' (for missile attacks) 
  • fightin' by fightin'  :(if fighting, character has to move back 1 square or suffer -4 on vamoose roll.)

Damage Rolls

damage rolls for weapons are the sum of all dice instead of the highest number, 
if a weapon has a trait or attribute roll, its the highest number of the trait roll, plus all the damage

+1die of damage for gizzards, +2 dice for noggin (no extra dice if using hands)

Wounds levels  damage total divided target's size.

characters suffer a negative modifier of their highest wound level on all rolls.
Serious and higher wounds bleed out wind each round.

wound level modifier
light -1
heavy -2
serious  -3     bleeds 1 wind/round
critical -4    bleeds 2wind/round
wound -5     bleeds 3 wind/round

Wind: roll 1d6 for each wound level received & lose that much wind.  open ended roll

Stun: roll vigor against wound level – failure means no actions until succeed at recovery check.

wound level TN
wind 3
light 5
heavy 7
serious 9
critical 11

when no wind is left, go unconscious -


  • wind can be recovered by an easy (tn3) medicine roll or at 1 wind per minute.
  • requires a medicine check at the same level of difficulty as the stun check
  • natural healing gets to roll vigor every 5 days.
  • maimed in limbs means loss, in guts, gizzard, head: death

Fate Chips

Chip Type White Red Blue Legend
aptitude roll 1 exta die per chip spent.
Cannot be used with red or blue
roll a bonus die and add to roll. can only spend 1 chip per action. Marshall draws from fate pot on use roll a bonus die and add to roll. reroll any die roll, including busts
wound negation 1 wound
or 5 winds
 2 wounds
or 10 wind
3 wounds or 15 wind 5 wounds or all wind
bounty point 1 2 3 5

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Combat Cheat Sheet

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