Basics cheat sheet

To determine the outcome of your actions you're going to roll a set number of a certain type of die and use the best result of the dice (not add them together). Use the die type of your trait, and the number of dice from your attributes.

trait – raw mental or physical ability – represented as a die-type that is usually rolled with an aptitude, but sometimes rolled on their own with their trait level

aptitude – skill which determines the number of dice you roll of its trait die type

concentrations – some skills have a specific focus – rolling on an aptitude outside of concentration is treated as a related attribute (-4 from roll)

target number - meet or beat this number to succeed at your task represented lik tn5

 If you're makin a shootin' roll and you have a deftness of a d10 and a shootin' attribute of 4, you roll 4d10 and use the best result of the dice. Your either competing against a target number – which is usually between 5 and 11, from average to difficult respectively.  Sometimes the marshall might get you to add or subtract 2 or 4 from your final number based on various complications.

Aces – each die that you roll that gets the highest number on that die, you get to roll again and add that result – so if you get a 10 on a 2d10 roll,  roll that d10 again and get a 7, your final result is 17.  If you ace again on that next roll, keep on adding those numbers up- you earned it.

Raises – for every 5 above a target number, you get a 'raise' which means youve done particularly well at something and can have more affect on the outcome- this can mean more actions per turn on a raised quickness roll, or better aim on a raised shootin' roll.

Bust – if more than half the dice you roll turn up 1's – you've gone bust and something terrible has happened, you've dropped your gun slipped on a ladder, or worse.

Unskilled checks - if you don't got the aptitude you need to roll on, you roll 1 of the trait die type and subtract 4.  If you real nice, the Marshall might let you use a related attribute.


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Basics cheat sheet

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