aptitude cheat sheet

academia -knowledge – (occult, history, philosphy etc…) soft sciences and such

animal wranglin' - mein - (bronco bustin', dog trainin') – opposed to animal's mein. tricks take 4-5 days to teach.

area knowledgeknowledge (specific region) - knowing the ins and outs  and who's of an locale.

artillery – cognition – (cannon, gatling gun) – the placement and operation of heavy weaponry – aiming a gatling gun still requires a shootin'

artscognition – (sculpture, painting) – the creation of finer visual arts.

bluffmein – tellin' lies  opposed by scrutinize

bowdeftness – see Unique Firearms Cheat Sheet

climbinnimbleness – success means climb at pace 2 +1 per raise

demolition - knowledge – how to handle and explosive material

disguiseknowlege – change your looks  opposed by scrutinize.

dodgenimbleness – see Combat Cheat Sheet – under vamoosin'

drivin'nimbleness(steam boat, steam wagon, ornithopter etc) piloting mechanical convayance

faithspirit – see Arcane Abilities Cheat Sheet

fightin' – nimbleness – (knife, sword, wrasslin') – see Combat Cheat Sheet

filchindeftness – pickin' pockets and such; opposed by cognition


quick way – decide stakes – all involved roll against tn5, draw a card for each success and raise, high card gets the stakes.

long way – decide average stakes –  The lowest total pays the highest total the difference times the stakes. The next lowest pays the second highest, and so on.

gutsspirit – see Combat Cheat Sheet

hexslingin' – see Arcane Abilities Cheat Sheet

horse ridin'nimbleness – stayin on a horse -knowledge:horse ridin' can tell horse qualities,  see animals

Language - knowledge – (specific language)  - 1: basic understanding 2 -writing basic level

Leadershipmein -

used to avoid surprise: if your character is not surprised, you can roll leadership, every success + raise can remove the surprise affect from 1 character.

trade action cards: a tn5 leadership roll can allow 2 friendly characters to exchange action cards.

lockpickin'deftness – vrs lock difficulty – each try is an additional -2 to roll, improvised lockpicks -2

mad scienceknowledge – see Arcane Abilities Cheat Sheet

Medicine- knowledge – (general, surgery, veterinarian) – must have general before surgery.
each success per wound area reduces wound level by 1 if performed within the hour.

Wound Level TN notes
Wind 3 unskilled 
light 5 general medicine to heal
heavy 7 general medicine to heal
serious 9 surgeon only to heal
critical 11 surgeon only to heal
maimed 13 only stop bleeding

overawe -mein – see Combat Cheat Sheet

performin' – mein – (singin', actin') – earn 2d6$+1d6$ for each raise for a perfomance

persuasionmein – vrs scrutinize

professionalknowledge - (law, military, photography, theology, politics) – social science type jobs

quick drawquickness – see Combat Cheat Sheet

ridiculesmarts -vrs ridicule   see Combat Cheat Sheet

ritual – see Arcane Abilities Cheat Sheet

Scienceknowledge – (biology, engineering, etc) hard sciences , also see  Arcane Abilities Cheat Sheet

scrutinizecognition – used vrs bluff or persuasion – used to judge character

searchcognition – can be used vrs sneak, also for finding clues

scroungin'smarts – findin' useful items, wheelin and dealin'

shootin'deftness – see Combat Cheat Sheet

slight o' handdeftness – used for quickdraw on small weapons or hiding hexes

sneak deftness vrs search to ninja in

speed load - deftness – see Combat Cheat Sheet – also using it for gunplay

streetwise -smarts – gettin' illegal or immoral information

survivalsmarts – (plains, mountains, etc…) – roll +raise provides food + water for 1 person 1 day.

swimmin'nimbleness – pace is swimmin level, most folk can't swim

tale-tellin'mein – ability to spread the word of your heroes

teamsternimbleness - managing carts, carriages, buggies, animal driven vehicles.

throwin'deftness – (balanced, unbalanced) – see Unique Firearms Cheat Sheet

Tinkerin'smarts – see Arcane Abilities Cheat Sheet

Trackin –  - followin' a trail

Condition Modifier
snow +4
night -4
rain since tracks -4
rain before tracks made +4
high traffic area -4
People Trailed TN
1–2 11
3–4 9
5–8 7
9–15 5
16+ 3



Tradeknowledge – (blacksmith, carpentry, seamanship) - like professional, but for hands on jobs





aptitude cheat sheet

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