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  • Combat Cheat Sheet

    if you don't quite understand the [[Basics cheat sheet]] then look over there first...

    When  Combat starts


    • if character is surprised roll cognition (tn 5) if expecting …

  • Basics cheat sheet

    To determine the outcome of your actions you're going to roll a set number of a certain type of die and use the best result of the dice (not add them together). Use the die type of your trait, and the number of dice from your attributes.

  • Hucksters

    hexes fair(5)hexslingin' roll draws 5 cards, each raise earns an additional card.  meet or exceed minimum hand to cast spell.  if red joker is wild. black joker causes backlash (marshalls guide p 45)

    < …

  • Mad Scientist

    create a blueprint - judge what the minimum hand is based on  table on page 168.
    roll mad science(5) if device is within aptitude concentration, (9) if not. draw 5 cards on success+1 for every raise. also +1 card for …

  • Blessed

    miracles - invoked by rolling faith vrs tn of miracle trying to perform

    tests of faith  when a blessed commits a sin -roll faith vrs sin level (marshalls law p45) failure loses a point in faith …

  • Shaman

    need arcane background-shaman edge and ritual aptitude concentration

    favor is selected by the shaman which has a minimum appeasment point number
    may require a specific ritual,

    ritual& …

  • aptitude cheat sheet

    academia -knowledge - (occult, history, philosphy etc...) soft sciences and such

    animal wranglin' - mein - (bronco bustin', dog trainin') - opposed to …

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