J.P. Malarky

Writer of Terrifying Tales of the West


Oddly enough, though Raul himself tries to keep a low profile, some of his adventures are quite well-known. That’s because of the writings of one J.P. Malarky, a pulp writer who has somehow – a complete mystery to Raul, for certain – learned of Raul’s cases, sanitized and glamourized them, and turned them into a series of dime novels called “Terrifying Tales of the West!” starring a dashing cowboy magician called Drake Renard (“some say he’s a descendent of Merlin himself,” according to the introductions).
“The Curse of Millhaven,” “Mystery at the IronWorks,” and “The Dread Phantom Pirate LaFitte” all have roots in Raul’s life – but unlike the books, Raul didn’t ride away from any of those experiences on a faithful steed with a wink and a smile to grateful townsfolk, exclaiming “Onward…to the next adventure!” More like limping, coughing out blood and counting how many townsfolk managed to survive.
He would be mightily curious to meet this J.P, Malarky someday and ask him just how he became such an admirer of Raul’s work.


J.P. Malarky

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