Gideon Sidewinder

crisis management director for Denver-Pacific


Gideon is a broad man in his 40s with a full face and winning smile, accentuated by a tuft of crimson beard that pokes out from his chin. He never drinks or swears but can switch from a public pr face to a man of dour certainty in an instant.

Gideon is eager to find who is responsible for the Wreck o the Skyline Steamer] and suspects that the plot goes deeper than a down on their luck gang of desperadoes. He doesn’t trust the townsfolk of Nero and is suspicious of both the United States and Wasatch rail.

Sidewinder in exchange for signing a covenant and waiver agreement will offer lifetime unlimited rail travel along the Denver Pacific, compensation for property lost and $250 in smith and robard scrip.


Gideon Sidewinder

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